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    home > SERVICE > Repair & maintenance

    Repair & maintenance

    ZMJ brand strategy is to create a world-class brand. We commit ourselves and our resources to the development of the coal mining machinery industry by establishing strategic cooperation with our global agents and partners.

    Apart from supplying the best quality products, we also have made available our technical and management solutions. Our service teams including global agents & partners, overseas subsidiaries and China headquarter are always ready to provide technical expertise to you. 

    Technical Support

    ● 24/ 7 service available to provide technical advice.
    ● We will respond to the customer within 48 hours in case of any failure.
    ● We have set up service centers in the major coal producing countries. These service centers will provide expertise team to repair and maintain the equipment whenever they are needed.
    ● Equipment repair & maintenance service are also available on call basis. We can also send our service team from China in a timely manner if it is necessary.