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    Chairman‘s Address

    1499305155438697.jpg    In free time, I like reading the historical books of ancient China. As a saying goes, “we will know how to be successful by referring to others, and we will know how to make a county prosperous by referring to history”. The magnificent history books make me feel the broad mind and profound wisdom of the ancient scholars; and the history of rise and fall makes me feel the difficulty in developing an enterprise. Therefore, I and ZMJ which I love deeply always have a kind of driving force that leads us to exceed ourselves once and again. That driving force is rooted in the permanent wish and persisting pursuit of the people of ZMJ for beautiful life, rooted in the belief of the people of ZMJ to create world brand as well as the confidence of the Chinese people to firmly stand among the world peoples.

    The development history of 50 years may not always accumulate abundant capital and wealth, but it certainly has accumulated the courage and spirit of the people of ZMJ to be practical and to strike bravely forward. Facing the constantly changing domestic and international coal mining machinery market and the firm determination of the country to promote the modernization of mining, we deeply feel the heavy historical responsibility on our shoulders. As the largest coal production country and consumption country as well as the largest coal mining machinery production and consumption country, China is not strong in coal mining machinery, and on the international coal mining machinery market, the influence of “China brand” and “made in China” is very weak.

    Be vigilant in peace time and be progressive in difficulty. I believe, rooted in the general progressive and prosperous land of the Chinese people, the high and new technology and equipment will upgrade the enterprise to the world first-class level, continuously creating the new records and leading the new direction of the world colliery machinery industry. We will make arduous efforts with innovational products and services to make China into a powerful country in coal mining machinery in the world.