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    Armored Face Conveyors


    Armored-face conveyors (AFC) are used in longwall mining operations to support the shearers and transport coal, rock fragments and other debris cut from the working face by the shearers. In early 2008, ZMJ commenced research and development of high-powered armored-face conveyors and successfully delivered the products to customers by the end of 2008.

    In 2011, ZMJ completed production and delivery of one of the largest armored-face conveyors in China, with an operating capacity of 2000kW and line pans of 1.2 meters. In addition to armored-face conveyors, ZMJ’s product portfolio also includes bridge stage loaders (BSL), crushers, BSL self-advancing system and boot ends. In the future, ZMJ expects to be able to manufacture longwall shearers.

    Line pans of ZMJ AFCs are mainly classified into three major series, high-strength composite C type line pans , high-strength extra-thin line pans and casting welded line pans. 

    The AFCs with high-strength composite C type line pans are newly developed by ZMJ to meet the customer-required service life.  This type of line pans have been proved to have high strength, abrasion resistance, long service life and low maintenance costs.  Applicable widths of AFC are 800 mm, 900mm, 1000 mm and above. 

    ZMJ developed AFCs with high-strength extra-thin line pans to suit the conditions of low seams. The design of line pan uses forge welding & sealing structure. This design results in high reliability, high abrasion resistance, longevity and high conveying capacity. Applicable width of line pan is 764 mm and below.  

    The AFCs with casting welded line pans have been used in Chinese coal mines many years and have been proved to be mature products, which  can suit the various geological conditions and customer’s needs.  Line pan width available from 630mm to 1250 mm and installed power available from 2x110kW to 3x1200kW.