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    Corporate Philosophy


    ? Core values of the company: Create value for customers, provide platform for employees

    ? Principle of the enterprise: Be devoted to the society and benefits its employees

    ? Production concepts: Informatization of R & D,intelligence of production, lean management and product differentiation

    ? Strategy of the enterprise: Internationalization of the strategic positioning, marketization of corporate governance, diversification of industrial layout, globalization of human resources

    ? Brand strategy: To create global brand roof support and supports the globe

    ? Operation philosophy: The quality of products represents that of the producer

    ? Management philosophy: 99+1=0

    ? Study philosophy: Continued study and technology improvement for ever-better products and larger market share

    ? Innovation philosophy: You may not be able to achieve what you imagine, but you will never be able to achieve what you don’t imagine.

    ? Quality philosophy: high standard, fine management and zero defect

    ? Safety philosophy: Safety is the high tension line that shall never be crossed.