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    Company Profile

    1499305078210850.jpgZhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd (Hereafter referred to as ‘ZMJ’) was established in 1958. After over half a century’s development, ZMJ has become the largest company in the world in respect of R&D and manufacturing powered roof support used for fully mechanized coal mining. ZMJ is also the sole company listed both in Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchange in China’s coal mining machinery industry. ZMJ has 22 wholly-owned subsidiaries, stock-holding subsidiaries and joint stock companies all over the world covering equipment manufacture, financing, service and trade & commerce, etc.                                 

    ZMJ has the annual capacity of producing 30,000 units of powered roof supports with support height ranging from 0.55m to 8.8m and working resistance ranging from 160 t to 2,600 t. ZMJ can also manufacture full range of AFC with line pan width ranging from 630 mm to 1250mm and the matching BSL, crusher and self-advancing devices. The major economic indicators of the company consecutively rank first in the industry in the past more than a decade. ZMJ’s products have been supplied to all major coal producing group companies in China and have been exported to international markets like Australia, USA, Russia, Turkey, India and Vietnam, etc. ZMJ enjoys a good reputation of ‘the First Brand in China’s Coal Mining Machinery Industry’.

    ZMJ owns various scientific research institutions such as the National Enterprise Technology Center, the Post-doctoral Programme and Academician Workstation, etc. and has undertaken the research and development of many key projects of the fully mechanized mining equipment in China. ZMJ is leading the trend of the development of China’s coal mining equipment. The market share of powered roof supports ranks first in the same industry in China. The total production, maximum working resistance and supporting height all rank first in the world. The R & D strength and equipment level is also leading the world. The ZY26000/40/88D extra-large mining height, highly intelligent and green mining powered roof support developed and manufactured by the company reaches a new height in the world and various parameters of the roof support created and are holding the world record. The company successfully overcame key technical difficulties of electro-hydraulic control system of powered roof support, filled the blank in this field in China and obtained the complete independent intellectual property rights of powered roof supports.                

    In recent years, ZMJ has made considerable efforts to introduce manufacturing equipment advanced in the global industry to guarantee the product quality with first class equipment. The company raised fund in the Shanghai Stock Exchange for the high-end roof support production base and invested over USD 300 million. The production base is equipped with the most advanced full automatic production line for steel plate cutting, welding and painting, the most advanced automatic production line for legs and rams and the most productive roof support final assembly work line in the world.