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    home > company > MANUFACTURING CAPACITY

    Manufacturing capacity

    State-of-the-art manufacturing workshop

    Steel Stock & Assembly
    Abundant steel stock for manufacturing
    PRS assembly in workshop

    Automated Shot Blasting

    CNC Profiling

    CNC Profiling

    CNC Bevel Profiling

    Pre Heat & Heat Treatment Furnaces

    CNC Final Boring

    Components Manufacturing

    Components Manufacturing

    Leg and Ram
    Cylinder Skiving and roller burnishing
    4 x Skiving and roller burnishing machine from TACCHI Italy and tools from ECOROLL Germany, applicable to Φ63~Φ600mm cylinder.

    Automated CNC machining process
    Advanced CNC machine tools, cutters and process technology

    Heat treatment production line
    Key slot type shaft furnace and heat treatment attachment, assure uniformity of hardness and straightness accuracy.

    Heat treatment
    Heat treatment craft and box-type gas furnace for heat treatment, assure the mechanical property and quality stability.

    Plating lines
    Chrome, Copper and Zinc plating production line. Advanced electroplating production line for surface coating.

    Washing cylinder
    body and rod

    Washing cylinder
    body and rod

    Intermediate Stage

    Rod assembly

    Assembly completed