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    Design capability

    ZMJ Design Capabilities – 8.8m PRS

    1.25m – 2.4m Widths

    Thin seam PRS

    Medium seam PRS

    Thick seam PRS


    Pro Engineer Design Tools
    First-class design tool for Powered Roof Support
    Parameterized Design
    Design approach enables a design proposal to be revised quickly to
    meet application requirements
    Parameter skeleton
    Design model
    FEA Optimization tools & analysis
    FEA optimization analysis of major PRS components
    3D Design of PRS hydraulic hose system
    Assists in the virtual design by including hosing and valve locations allow ergonomic considerations
    Software for indicative calculation of support capacity
    Software indicatively simulates the pressure behavior, weighing span and calculates the indicative support capacity (reference only)
    by input of the roof strata information and other mining parameters